Does the Abortion Pill Cause a Miscarriage?

What is the difference between a medical abortion and a miscarriage? Sometimes abortion pills are called “miscarriage pills,” but does a medical abortion cause a miscarriage? Medical abortion – an elective procedure where a pregnancy is terminated before the 10th week of pregnancy using a regimen of drugs known as the abortion pill. Miscarriage – a spontaneous loss of pregnancy … Continued

The Abortion Pill Dilemma: You May Be Ineligible

For many women seeking abortion options and pregnancy termination, the abortion pill may seem like a viable choice. However, there are instances where some women may be ineligible for this method due to various factors and medical considerations. Understanding these limitations is crucial for making informed decisions about reproductive health. LifeOptions is a pro-woman, holistic, non-profit organization that does not … Continued

My Abortion Story…and How I Found Healing.

Classic southern coastal living is how I was raised. I spent most of my youth amongst the dunes, marsh grass, and boardwalks of southeastern North Carolina. It’s where old historic downtowns seamlessly unfold into timeless southern beach getaways, where family secrets stay buried, and old money is sacred. My parents divorced when I was a baby. Both were high-capacity professionals, … Continued