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You deserve to be educated on all your options for an unexpected pregnancy. You're not alone. We're here to listen to you, help you, advocate for you, and provide you with the information you need.

In the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, decision-making can be difficult because of the wide range of emotions that can be experienced. You may be struggling to determine what the best next steps are for you.

We strive to provide a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment where you can find support and clarity about how to move forward.

We are here to help you understand all your options including abortion, adoption, and parenting so that you can make an informed decision. It is your pregnancy, your right to know, and your decision.

If you prefer, you can request an appointment just for abortion education.  Abortion is a medical procedure and it’s important to know the facts and have accurate information on your rights and potential risks. The medical professionals at Life Options take the time to talk about your personal situation, discuss the abortion methods that may be available to you and answer any medical questions you may have so you can be fully informed.

We will also help you get connected to the information and resources you need as you move forward.  This includes ultrasounds, clothing, classes, referrals to other agencies, and many other resources to help you get the support you need.


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