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Abortion is a medical procedure and it’s important to know the facts and have the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

There are a wide range of reasons that people consider abortion. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, abortion may seem like your only option. Before you visit an abortion clinic in Yakima or Tri-Cities, visit Life Options.  You'll meet with one of our medical professionals to talk about your personal situation, discuss the abortion methods that may be available to you and get answers to any questions you may have.

Here are the 5 things you should know before you have an abortion:

1. Are You Really Pregnant?

It’s very common for women to mistake perfectly normal symptoms and conditions for signs of pregnancy. Our center can help you determine whether or not you’re really pregnant with a free, confidential pregnancy test and limited OB Ultrasound. A positive test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. The test result should be confirmed by an OB Ultrasound exam. This allows us to see whether you’re pregnant and how far along you are, which determines what pregnancy and abortion options are available to you.

2. Is Your Pregnancy Healthy?

If you are pregnant, the next thing you need to know is if your pregnancy is healthy. A free limited OB Ultrasound can determine the following:

  • If your pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening tubal pregnancy.
  • The approximate age of your pregnancy.
  • Does the fetus have a heartbeat?
  • How developed is the fetus?
  • Is your pregnancy capable of developing under normal conditions?
  • Approximately 15 to 20% of pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage. Most occur in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

3. What Are The Pros & Cons of Your Decision?

You have a legal right to choose the outcome of your pregnancy. However, considering an abortion may be personal and difficult. Our staff and volunteers are specifically trained to provide you with confidential help and can answer your questions regarding the type or nature of abortion procedures.

4. Do You Have an STI or STD?

Many women with STDs do not experience any symptoms so they don’t realize they’re infected. But women who undergo an abortion with an untreated STD are more likely to develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) following the abortion procedure. PID can lead to serious consequences including infertility, ectopic pregnancy, abscess formation and chronic pelvic pain. Life Options offers free STD testing & treatment.

5. Do You Know The Emotional Risks Involved With Abortion?

An abortion is a medical procedure that cannot be undone. There are different abortion procedures depending on how far along you are in this pregnancy. Each procedure has medical and psychological or emotional risks. We can provide information regarding abortion procedures and risks. Also, for women who need emotional support after an abortion, we have trained personnel who can help.



Is Abortion the Solution?

Abortion is a big decision. Before you choose, get answers to your questions and information on all your options. We do not facilitate adoptions and we do not perform or refer for termination, so we never profit from your decision.  We believe in your right to be fully informed, so you can choose what’s best for your unique situation.  Visit Life Options to talk through your situation and explore your options.


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