My Friend Is Pregnant, What Should I Do?


My Friend Is Pregnant

An unexpected pregnancy can create a crisis situation for your friend.  She may be upset over missing her period or other pregnancy symptoms.  As her friend, you can help her understand her pregnancy and choices for her next steps by letting her know that Life Options is here to help.  Our medical staff and consultants are available to discuss all her options and to provide her with the support and information she needs to make a fully informed decision.

Help Her Confirm Her Pregnancy.

If your friend is worried about being pregnant, the most important thing she can do first is to confirm her pregnancy.  Maybe she’s not actually pregnant. Life Options offers free pregnancy tests that are medical quality, 99% accurate, and more sensitive than some over-the-counter varieties.  Encourage her to come to Life Options for a free pregnancy test, even if she’s already taken a home test.  Ask her if she would like you to come with her to the appointment.

Help Her Explore Her Options

As your friend works through all of her options, she’s going to need you to support her. She may be feeling completely overwhelmed.  Ask her what she needs; don’t assume. Maybe she needs you to listen. Maybe she needs some time alone first.  Always be positive and encouraging.  Remember, we can provide her with information about all of her options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption. There’s a lot consider, and we’re here to support her-just like you.  Encourage her to get free pregnancy counseling at Life Options, so that she can make the best choice for her unique circumstances.

Help Her Get An Ultrasound

Even if your friend has had a positive pregnancy test at home and is thinking about abortion, she should know that 25% to 31% of early pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, avoiding the need for an abortion. An ultrasound will help determine if her pregnancy is able to survive or if the pregnancy might end naturally through a miscarriage. After having a positive test at Life Options, we’ll provide her with a free ultrasound right here, and you can be with her.

Help Her Tell Family And Friends.

Your friend may be worried about disappointing her parents or losing a boyfriend. These feelings might make it difficult for her to freely make an informed choice that’s best for her.  You can help by reminding her that you’ll respect her decision, no matter what it is, and by making sure that she knows Life Options can help her in making an informed choice.  Our goals is to give her the freedom to choose what is best for her unique circumstances. We can also speak with her parents or boyfriend in a private and safe setting, and help her tell them and talk through the situation.

Do You Need To Talk To Someone?

It can be stressful to know how to best help a friend who’s facing an unplanned pregnancy.  She’s going to need your support in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  We’re here for you too.  Our medical staff and consultants can answer questions that you may have about her pregnancy and the options available to help, or even just talk when you need it.  Give us a call or walk in to any of our center locations.


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