Free Online Pregnancy Test & Quiz – Am I Pregnant? | 10 Common Signs

Wondering if you’re pregnant?  Take our free, online quiz to determine if you should take a pregnancy test.

  1. Are you late, or have you missed a period altogether?
  2. Experiencing spotting or cramping?
  3. Are your breasts tender?
  4. Are you experiencing fatigue or unusual tiredness?
  5. Is morning sickness or nausea an issue?
  6. Have you noticed a change in your appetite? Heartburn or indigestion?
  7. Are you experiencing minor aches, pains or discomforts?
  8. Do you have abnormal headaches or dizziness?
  9. Have you noticed bleeding gums when you brush or floss your teeth?
  10. Are you more emotional or teary than normal?

If you answered “Yes” or “Maybe” to any of the pregnancy quiz questions, you could be pregnant, and it’s worth taking a pregnancy test.

However, not all women experience these common signs of early pregnancy, especially in the first few weeks. If you answered “No“, but still think you could be pregnant, it doesn’t hurt to get a pregnancy test to confirm if you’re pregnant or not.

At Life Options, we provide free pregnancy testing and free pregnancy dating by ultrasound at our Grandview & Sunnyside clinics, as well as on our mobile unit in Toppenish, Mattawa, & Mabton – it’s always 100% confidential and judgment free.

Schedule your free pregnancy test appointment below, or feel free to walk in to any of our centers.