The Mattawa Mobile Clinic is staffed with caring professionals who are ready to offer support in the midst of unplanned pregnancy. We strive to make sure that every woman has quality care for her most personal concerns, in a safe, confidential environment free of judgment.

At our Mattawa Mobile Clinic you can receive all the medical services we offer in our other medical clinics including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, and abortion information. All services are free and confidential.

The Mattawa Mobile Clinic is parked in downtown Mattawa, Washington, next to Rosa’s Boutique, and is about 5 miles from Desert Aire, WA, and 26 miles from Royal City, WA.

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518 Government Rd.
Mattawa, WA 99349

Next to Rosa’s Boutique



Call: 509-839-2000

Text: 503-389-5329


Tue: 11 am to 5 pm


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